Castle of Otranto

As you are watching the lectures and reading through the Preface and first chapter of Castle of Otranto, I am sure there are things that seem WEIRD, STRANGE, or CONFUSING. Reply to this thread in one of the following ways:
FIRST (pick one below):
CONFUSED? Ask a question about something you’re genuinely confused about in the book. This can be about a character, a confusing sentence or paragraph (quote it!), or topic that has come up in the lectures or reading or assignments. Be specific with page numbers and quotations. Your questions might help other classmates!
STRANGE? WEIRD? There are a lot of strange/weird things in this book. Post a quotation that is strange or weird that you have found and write why it’s strange/weird, how it might relate to the “GOTHIC,” and ask your classmates to respond to some sort of question about it.
RELATED CONTENT? Perhaps while reading this bizarre book, you will be reminded of other things related. After all, THIS IS THE FIRST GOTHIC NOVEL, so everything written, filmed, or created with any sort of gothic theme relates to it in some way. Maybe there’s a clip from Scooby Doo or Spongebob or Riverdale or a horror movie – post it here! Maybe there’s a MEME or something funny you found on the internet or a picture you have or something that relates. Post it here! Creativity is encouraged!
RESPOND to at least THREE of your classmates. “That’s cool” or “that’s nice” is not enough. Be specific in your comments – ask questions, reply with related memes or links, and actually engage!
Then RESPOND to what people have posted in response to YOU!