Cause and effect

write a cause & effect paper on one of the topics listed below. examine why something happens (cause) or what happens as a result of some event or circumstance (effect). For instance, if you wrote about why people tell lies or have pets, you would be asking questions relevant to a cause paper. On the other hand, if you are explaining what happens as a result of lying or having a pet, you would be writing about effects. A thesis statement for a cause paper might look something like this: The main reasons people tell lies are to stay out of trouble, spare people’s feelings, and to make themselves look better. For an effect paper, the thesis might read: People who lie often get into deeper trouble, forget how to be honest, and lose the trust of others. Choose one of the following topics (or another suggested by them) and analyze the immediate and ultimate causes and/or effects. Be careful that your analysis does not develop into a mere listing of superficial “reasons.” Be sure to have three main ideas that will serve as thesis points/body paragraphs.