Cellular Technology

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Cellular Technology

Explain cellular telephone technology and describe its working. Describe the evolution of cellular technology. Cite at least two sources to show your research and bolster your position.

2.Last Mile

The “last mile” is a term that is used to explain how the end user ultimately connects to a network. Regardless of which Internet service provider (ISP) a business or an individual uses, a network’s connectivity, signal, noise ratios, and other network components are often determined by the last mile provider. Usually, there is only one, which makes it nearly impossible to have any form of true redundancy. It is an important element to understand while you study networking.

Develop a 4- to 5-page paper and address the following:
Evaluate the last mile connection in terms of a link that is used between an end user and an ISP. Explain the last mile link options that are typically available to most end users (such as cable and digital subscriber line [DSL] services). Keep in mind that these options are usually missing in small rural communities. Identify two to three of the more common connections and summarize their associated data rates, typical uses, and approximate costs. Obtain the exact cost information from at least one of the service providers. Examine the role that T1 communications lines play in long-distance communications in conjunction with repeaters. Compare different carriers used by service providers (such as a telecommunication company versus a cable service provider). Also, differentiate the types of equipment used as carriers by these service providers.