Central Bank for GCC

Central Bank for GCC

Project description
Individual Assignment .

You can work on your assignment from now but you need to fully understand Chapter 9, The Functions of the Federal Reserve

Individual assignment: Your need to write around 3000 words reports about how should be the structure of the suggested Central Bank for GCC? How might this bank be similar or different from the European Central Bank? What are the arguments for and against the GCC central bank? What are the most important objectives and functions for GCC central Bank?

The report should be written in an academic style (executive summary, Introduction, discussion, conclusion, and references list).

Marking guidelines Project Report: The assignment will be allocated 8 marks depending on the content, academic referencing and well structure and writing. Word count: 3000 words (not including references).

Structure and Contents of Project report: The Project Report is an outline of your 5 points Project, providing information on the What, Why, How conceptually and How practically of your research. The purpose is to show the reader you have managed to arrange your broad Project research ideas into a logical account of research; and your work is justifiable and meaningful. It requires you to think clearly about your research objectives, research methods and relevant literature.

The following information needs to be included in your Project Report:

a. Title of your Project Report and executive summary: Indicating the focus of your work

b. Introduction-Background: This section should explain the rationale and the context for your topic. You should provide sufficient background information on the issues you want to discuss for the reader to be able to understand the rest of your report as well as its value. If you focus on an organization you should provide enough organizational information to put your research into context.

c. Discussion: This may be presented under more than one heading. This include a detailed critical analysis of the literature provides an identification of themes from academic and other relevant recent and/or historically important literature which acts as the basis for your study and clarifies where your study fits into this debate. Then you turn to discuss the different parts of the question giving your own opinion.

d. Conclusion: This part should summarize your work giving brief information about:

The brief answer for question

The most important results and its relation with the literature.

Your contribution what should we learn from you work.

e. Reference list (Harvard standard or any)

Assignment Marking Scheme

Executive summary 5%

Introduction/ Context/Background 15%

Writing Skills (including grammar and structural mistakes) 30%

Discussion 35%

Referencing 5%

Overall Presentation 10%

LO1: Writing skills Rubric

Performance Area
1: Fails to Meet Standards
2: Meet Standards
3: Exceed Standards
4: Exceptional

Logic & Organization
Does not develop ideas cogently, uneven and ineffective overall organization, unclear introduction or conclusion
Develops and organizes ideas in paragraphs that are not necessarily connected. Some ideas seem illogical and/or unrelated, unfocused introduction or conclusions
Develops unified and coherent ideas within paragraphs with generally adequate transitions; clear overall organization relating most ideas together, good introduction and conclusion.
Develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically with paragraphs and connects them with effective transitions. Clear and specific introduction and conclusion.
1 2 3 4

Employs words that are unclear, sentence structures inadequate for clarity, errors are seriously distracting
Word forms and sentence structures are adequate to convey basic meaning. Errors cause noticeable distraction
Word forms are correct, sentence structure is effective. Presence of a few errors is not distracting.
Employs words with fluency, develops concise standard English sentences, balances a variety of sentence structures effectively.
1 2 3 4

Spelling and Grammar
Writing contains numerous errors in spelling and grammar which interfere with comprehension
Frequent errors in spelling and grammar distract the reader
While there may be minor errors, the writing follows normal conventions of spelling and grammar throughout and has been carefully proofread
The writing is essential error-free in terms of spelling and grammar
1 2 3 4

Development of Ideas
Most ideas unsupported, confusion between personal and external evidence, reasoning flawed
Presents ideas in general terms, support for ideas is inconsistent, some distinctions need clarification, reasoning unclear
Supports most ideas with effective examples, references, and details, makes key distinctions
Explores ideas vigorously, supports points fully using a balance of subjective and objective evidence, reasons effectively making useful distinctions
1 2 3 4


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