Chagas disease

CASE STUDY: Greg House is a physician at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. His primary complaint (as always) is pain in his leg but as you are performing a routine physical on him you notice some heart rhythm abnormalities. You decide to investigate further and find that his heart is slightly enlarged. After taking a thorough history you find that he has traveled extensively, especially in South and Central America however he has not been there in many years. What organism do you think has caused these problems for Dr. House? PAPER DETAILS : CHAGAS DISEASE “Identify the organism that causes that disease, explain how the organism is causing damage to the body, explain how you could test for it, what test you recommend and why, and use current information about the organism from the CDC, WHO, and/or NIH to explain to your patient what they have, what their prognosis is, what the treatments are and any other relevant information. must cite your sources.You should be able to find all the information you need from those three sites.