Change Management at Petroleum Development of Oman

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The Psychological Implications of Implementing Change in Work Organisations The 21st Century is an age of continuous and fast change that covers almost all aspects of life. John Kennedy once said that “change is the law of life and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future”. Organisations in the 21st Century seem to believe strongly in that statement and all of them consider change as fundamental to survival. The efforts exerted by organisations to successfully meet the challenge of ongoing change would definitely have significant psychological implications on the employees. . In the light of the above statement, you are required to write a report covering the following: 1) A discussion based on relevant academic literature on the concept of ‘Change Management’ highlighting: a. The main types of change and reasons driving organisations to do so. b. The likely positive and negative reactions of employees and the psychological reasons behind their tendency to resist change. c. The psychological implications of such employee reactions on the work environment. d. The significance of change management and how organisations may achieve a successful implementation of change by motivating and actively engaging employees in the change process. 2) A discussion of one experience that a local organisation of your choice did have in implementing any sort of change, highlighting employees’ various reactions to the concept of change and the strategies adopted by the organisation management to secure a successful change. 3) Suitable recommendations to your chosen organization for a more effective and better handling of any future change process. Assignment Guidelines WP Main Assignment (February – June 2018) The Psychological Implications of Implementing Change in Work Organisations • Students are required to research the psychological implications of implementing change in work organisations as well as applying their knowledge of the same to a local organisation. Thus the assignment report would include two parts as follows: a. The Theoretical Part: Expected to include relevant information from appropriate academic literature reflecting the student’s clear understanding of the concept of “change management” and the psychological implications of change on the work environment. The literature review should be properly referenced and cover minimally the following concepts: – Meaning: definitions / driving forces /importance of change. – Likely positive and negative employee responses. – The reasons behind the commonly experienced employee resistance to change and the psychological implications of such resistance necessitating change management. – How organisations may successfully achieve the intended change by utilizing recent change management models and ensuring the active engagement of employees in the change process. b. The Application Part: – The student is required to choose any suitable modern local organization and examine its experience in implementing one sort of change (structural, procedural, technologica