Changing families

Changing families

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Using 4 or 5 ideas or concepts from the text, describe what you see as the ideal family.

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Unite 4 – Chapter 7

Jon Witt (2015). SOC 2016 4TH EDITION McGraw-Hill Education

Select any three questions from the following set oi options and anr§§§ each guestlgn
in ne thre 3. Your answers will be evaluated on the basis of;
1) How well you demonstrate an accurate and adequate understanding ot the
concepts and issues involved.
2) Your ability to incorporate the course material into your answers.
3) How well you organize and articulate your responses.
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s and role (and any ot
3- Use the congepggafgzmwa and typical interaction patterns in either a fast
describe 9
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4. We are all mantis; tour goncepts from the text. describe and analyze a group
Using again; family) that you are a member of. or are familiar With.