Chapter 7 The Americas


QUESTION for PAPER #4: Read carefully and answer each question. (Worth 15 Points)
Based on your reading of Chapter 7 The Americas, please select ANY 5 points to discuss pertinent issues about politics, culture, theatre, theatre artists, playwrights, and theatrical practices in
Latin America as discussed in the sections titled INDIGENOUS AND HYBRID DRAMA OF LATIN AMERICA, GRISELDA GAMBARO: A TOUR OF TORTURE, and THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED. Explain your 5 selections and its
significance. Why is this important to better understand theatre in Latin America?
Please pay close attention to the paper submission requirements/guidelines:
? Incorporate an academic style of writing.
? Weekly papers must be between 2-3 pages (double spaced).
? Please respect the assigned page limit for each paper. Between 2-3 pages is ideal. Not less than 2 full pages, and do not exceed 3 pages. Submissions that fail to meet the required number of
words will be marked INCOMPLETE. Incompletes are worth zero points.
? Each submission has an assigned due date. Papers will be submitted to the instructor via email at [email protected]
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? Clear use of citations, if necessary, is extremely important to avoid issues of academic dishonesty.

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? Do not use direct quotes.
? Careful proof reading is essential prior to submission.
? Works cited, if applicable, should be in an accepted MLA style format (Modern Language Association) and on a separate/additional page. *Please google MLA Citation for assistance.
? For further questions, please email the instructor.