Chic Paints Ltd



You are employed as an accounting technician with Chic Paints Ltd (CPL).
The directors have asked you to review the accounting systems at CPL, and particularly the effectiveness of its internal controls.
You have also been asked to review whether the culture of the organisation could be improved, in terms of working ethically as well as in terms of social, corporate and environmental
Finally, you are asked to make any recommendations for improvements, which you identify as being necessary. (The directors know there are many weaknesses – but are uncertain as to how these should
be managed). The detailed task requirements are set out on pages 4 and 5.



You are required to produce a business report addressed to Dave Whistler, Finance Director. The report should be approximately 4000-5000 words long but please note that the word count is not
critical; what is important is the quality of the writing.




Task 1) Review and evaluate the accounting system.Task 2) Conduct an ethical evaluation of the accounting systems.Task 3)Conduct a sustainability evaluation of the accounting systems.Task 4)Identify weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement.