Chicano Movement


Sources for this assignment: three instructor presentations on the Chicano Movement; film documentary on the United Farm Workers.

In this assignment, you are given liberty to do with the information you record from the required sources concerning the struggle for civil rights for Mexican Americans (Chicanos!). The thrust of the assignment is Cesar Chavez and the UFW. However, you must deal with the Chicano Movement first, the threats, and then the farmworkers.

In two to three pages (500 to 750 words), write an essay that deals with the following prompts:

What was the Chicano Movement all about? In other words, how did Mexican Americans address the racialization process in the 1960s? What role did Cesar Chavez and the UFW play in the struggle for social change and the development of consciousness? How do events in the film reinforce the importance of community in creating change? What are your most important impressions of the movement and how did it address the threats presented in The Latino Threat Part 1? Why should Americans become aware of the struggle for social change?

Sources: – Part 1 instruction – Part 2 instruction – Part 3 instruction – Documentary on farm workers