Chilcco Environmental Assessment Bio terrorism

In October 2017 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) developed a “Draft Environmental Assessment of Proposed Tracer Particle and Biological Releases for the Hazards of Dynamic Release (HODOR) Project, Version 5” concerning the former Chilocco Native American School, Kay County, Oklahoma. The project was canceled, primarily a result of public concern. However, the question is whether the concern was warranted from a scientific point of view? Examine various aspects of the Environmental Assessment to examine the scientific, social, economic aspects of the proposal to see if it is scientifically sound. Essentially, you need to review the entire document, but focus on your particular component. How do you determine of the project has merit, and if your component is valid? You complete a review of the component with certain questions in mind. Thus, the project is split into the following components; examine yours to help facilitate the research on that topic. Bio terrorism: What is it? Is there a threat in the US? Where? What types of threats are there? Why are they testing? Is there a need for research? A need for testing? Why do we use proxies? What is the overall purpose of this project, and how will it help us understand a “biological” or other form of an attack?