Child asthma concept map




Create Slideshow child asthma concept map & write 750 words to explain, describe & justify



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Create a slideshow of child asthma concept map, 750 explanation that describes, explains & Justifies


Case Scenario to write about:
Dion, a 6 year-old boy, presents to the emergency department with worsening shortness of breath alongside a high pitched audible wheeze, and is unable to speak. Since the start of winter Dion has experienced sleeplessness and an ongoing dry cough at night, although the cough occasionally appears with chest tightness after vigorous exercise. Besides a peanut allergy and some bouts of hay fever in spring, Dion has an unremarkable medical history. Dion’s older brother, was diagnosed with asthma five years ago when the family moved to Australia, but it has rarely been problematic since their father stopped smoking around the family.
After subsequent diagnostic testing, Dion is diagnosed with asthma.

Part 1 – Concept Map Layout

1) Clearly identifies ALL risk factors from the scenario interpreting the patient’s risk
factors (from the asthma scenario) and determine how these risk factors relate to the
diagnosed disease/disorder;

2) Outline the correct links the risk factors and the aetiology, cellular pathology and the pathophysiology of asthma;
Clearly identifies and logically sequences the asthma pathophysiological steps.
3) Clearly identifying and describing all the clinical manifestations from the asthma
scenario relating to asthma athophysiology.
4) Analyse and interpret evidence-based research to identify and link appropriate
diagnostic assessments and treatment modalities for the patient’s asthma diagnosis (within the broader concept map).



Part 2 – 750 Word Explanation



1) Clearly explains the how links between the patient’s risk factors and aetiology
contribute to the patients diagnosis. (250 words)

2) Provides a detailed analysis describing how the asthma pathophysiology cause for the patient’s clinical manifestations using the patient’s signs and symptoms. (250 words)

3) Justify your suggested diagnostic assessments/tests and treatment modalities listed in your concept map on their relevance and appropriateness for the diagnosed asthma and substantiated with citations. (250 words)