Child Psychopathology

What do we need to know about this child/adolescent? What is or has happened in the family?

b) What symptoms is the child/adolescent displaying? Where? When? Be specific- this section should lead to the eventual diagnosis/diagnoses.

c) Brief description of how you would assess this child/adolescent. Specific assessment tests can be names if known; if not, give general plan.

d) What disorder(s) would you diagnosis this child/adolescent with? Why? Be specific- make sure this ties into the symptoms presented & to use the correct DSM-5 names for the diagnosis/diagnoses.

e) Is there anything that puts this child/adolescent at a particular risk? What is going on around the child that may be serving to maintain problems?

f) What possible cause(s) is there for the child/adolescent’s disorder? (Hint: think about the biopsychosocial model)

g) What treatments would be recommended for use with this child/adolescent? Why?