Child Rearing

Child Rearing

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You just watched clips depicting three child rearing practices. Pick one clip/segment and examine how your own personal and cultural values affect your view on the particular child rearing practice using the intercultural concepts from the textbook and class lectures. Paper should be between 1000 – 1500 words.

Your paper should follow APA formatting and contain: (a) summary of the clip, (b) presentation of the intercultural concepts found within the clip. For instance, what cultural dimensions were prevalent within the clip? (c) presentation of solid evidence (textbooks, journals, websites) regarding the intercultural concepts that you picked. For instance, if you mention that the clip contains ?masculine culture,? explain the definition of ?masculine culture? by using academic resources, and (d) additional information relevant to the clip that may benefit your readers. For instance, if the clip shows life in an Indian prison, talk about the issue by using resources outside the clip.

You will be graded on the following criteria: (a) adherence to APA specifications, (b) succinct and concise summary, (c) demonstrated understanding of course concepts, (d) additional information, and (e) spelling/grammar.


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