Children and Divorce

Identify and articulate the key issue(s) in the article. Identify information/evidence in the article that supports its point of view and/or conclusions. Analyze both the student’s and the author’s assumptions regarding the article’s point of view and/or conclusions. Identify background information relevant to the article’s point of view and conclusions. Explore and evaluate the issue(s) relevance to real world problems and solutions. Clarify the student’s own position, perspective and/or hypothesis. Explain the conclusions, implications and/or consequences of the article. Paper Requirements: The APA style format must be used in writing the paper. It should be between 5-7 pages in length (not including the title and reference page). Although outside sources are not required, any such material used in writing the paper must be properly cited according to the APA format with a complete bibliography of all source material. You will be reviewing this article