Children with mental illness/emotional disorders.

1. Choose one of the following topics related to our community. You may not research a topic of which you have “insider group status”. In other words, if you have ADHD, then you should not choose this as your topic. Note: you may propose a new topic with instructor approval. o Military families, o English Language Learners, o Children with ADD/ADHD, o Children with Asperger’s/Autism/ASD/PDD, o Children with mental illness/emotional disorders. 2. Write either a research paper OR an interview paper on this group. You can view a sample paper attached above, but please note that the sample paper is both a research AND interview paper. You only need to do one of these. o For the research paper, write a two-page summary and analysis of some of the challenges that face families with these particular issues based on the research that you do online.