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Program Theory: Team Assignment (30 pts)
The purpose of this assignment is to get your group to think about the importance of program goals and theory (i.e., how the program expects to reach its goals). Teams will select a program that meets the need examined in your previous assignment, for your target population. Your team will respond to the questions below to identify the program goals, and analyze the theoretical assumptions or underpinnings that drive the program activities. Note: If multiple services or programs are provided by your team’s target organization, focus on one for this assignment.
1) Optional: Create a shared EtherPad document to draft the text for this assignment collaboratively.

2) Introduction (10 pts total, 2 points per item, 1 – 2 pages). Cite the sources used to gather this information. Use paragraph formatting (i.e., no bullet points).
a. What is the name of the program and what are its primary goals or intended outcomes? If the program is a part of what a larger organization offers, identify the organization.
b. Target Population: Describe the children, youth, and/or families that are intended to benefit from the program. Focus on end-users that participate in the activities.
i. What individual needs does the service/program address? Discuss the domains of development that are related to the program’s intended outcomes (social, emotional, language/literacy, cognitive/academic, physical/health).
ii. Describe the geographic reach of the program. (i.e., In what cities/counties/states are program activities delivered?)
c. What is the key service or activity (i.e., what do providers and end-users do)?
d. Program dosage or duration: For how much time, or, how many visits/events/sessions, are participants involved in the program?
e. How is the access of people or groups to the program determined? Is the program available to any community member from the target population, or is it restricted to certain individuals? Explain your response.
**Note that if some of this information is not mentioned on the website, you can indicate in your paper that this information is “not available.” You do not need to contact the program for information.

3) Research Support (10 pts; one paragraph per team member; Each team member will individually earn up to 10 points based on his/her research paragraph). Each team member must search for, cite, and discuss one article from a peer reviewed journal that supports (or fails to support) the connection between the program activities and a domain of development. Here you are looking for research evidence or theory that suggests that the program’s approach may (or may not) be effective for promoting development in a domain. Be sure that team members each choose different articles that cover a range of developmental outcomes expected by the program. For example, if a program expects to facilitate academic (cognitive) and social outcomes, be sure to have at least one study for each of these outcomes. Include the team member’s name in the heading for the paragraph he or she was responsible for researching.
a. For empirical articles, explain the research evidence: What was the research question asked in the study? Briefly summarize the sample, data sources, and key findings in your own words. Relate the findings back to your target program and domain of development.
b. For theoretical articles, describe the theory posed by the author: Discuss the important concepts and how they are expected to be related to each other in cause-effect relationships. Relate these ideas back to your target program and domain of development.

4) Program Theory and Discussion (10 pts, two paragraphs)
a. Based on what you’ve learned about the program as a team, how would you describe the program’s theory or the cause-and-effect relationships they presume in providing this service to support these domains of children’s development? Be specific.
b. Do you think the program services are likely to lead to attainment of program goals, for the target population? Explain your response, referring to your previous responses, including the research (e.g., discuss program strengths and weaknesses that would help and hinder attainment of its goals).

5) Title page: Use APA formatting. Include one title and all group members’ names.

6) References: In APA format, provide a reference for all sources cited. Include references for the program website, research articles, and any other sources used.
_______ Deductions
• Late turn in (half a letter grade per day)
• APA style (up to 3 pt deduction for missing or incorrect formatting of title page, citations, or references)
• Excessive grammatical and spelling errors (up to 3 pt deduction)
• The sections of the assignment must be cohesive (up to 3 pt deduction for lack of focus or cohesiveness between sections of the assignment.)
_______ (30 points) Total