China Marine

a. Compare and contrast the experience of the Marines during the war and that of
civilians or non combative military personnel. How did their views of Japanese
soldiers, the atomic bomb, and news of peace differ? How did this difference
affect the soldiers and the American society as a whole? Did soldiers feel like
b. What were Sledge’s “demons” and what helps him cope with them? How did the
war change Sledge and most of the returning soldiers? What coping methods do
soldiers back in society use to deal with war experiences? Discuss the success
and the failures of these methods, especially alcohol. What was not available to
these returning soldiers to help them cope that is more available today? How did
this affect the families of these soldiers?
c. What effect did America have in China during their Civil War? How does Sledge
feel about being there? What does Sledge find most helpful during his time in
China and why?