Chinese Luxury Tourists in Hawaii by Golf

Your intended audience are stakeholder executives in the tourism industry such as government organizations as well as hospitality businesses and organizations.
How can we increase the luxury Chinese Luxury Tourism in Hawaii?
The three main components that must be included in this paper are:
Chinese Tourism
Luxury Tourism
Hawaii Tourism
You will not cover all these topics in detail, but instead, focus on one aspect of Chinese Luxury
Tourism in Hawaii- such as hotel stays, or dining, or activities; or focus on a luxury resort area’s preparedness for Chinese tourists; how to attract more luxury Chinese tourists to Hawaii through a specific marketing campaign, or utilizing technology; or the political or economic forces that will affect Chinese travelers.
What do Chinese tourists like to do when they travel? What are their patterns and traits?
How can we better cater to the Chinese Tourist? How are they different from other Asian Tourists like the Japanese or Koreans or any other tourists? Can you apply any models like Hofstede, to better understanding Chinese tourists? What is Luxury? How much of Hawaii’s tourism industry offers luxury services?