Christian Business Ethics

Christian Business Ethics

The post includes three asighnments

1:Christian Business Ethics

Head and analyze the Maxwell Bible Devotion entitled “The Irony of Spiritual
Leadership” in the Maxwell Leadersh’p Bible, as well as the associated scripture
passage in Proverbs 315-6. Write a two-page (minimum) summary of the devotional
and its applimtion to business. cite other scripture or outside souces in
support of you responses.2:Monuments Men- CJC

2:Discuss the importance of what the Monuments Men did for society during the end of WWII. Discuss why the NAZI’s felt it was important to take the cultural treasures of
the nations they occupied. Finally, look into what the Monuments Men Foundation (external from the film) is currently doing to locate missing artwork.

3:the experiences of outdoor education lecturers in MU and UiTM develop their professional identity

Paper details:

How do outdoor educator develop their professional identity?

More specifically my inquiry addresses the following research questions which help me to answer the main guiding question:
1. How does outdoor educator define professional identity? Why?
2. What are the key influences that contribute to the professional identity development of outdoor educator?
3. To what extent the obstacle that outdoor educators face developing their professional identity?