Christianization of Europe.

Christianization of Europe

discussing a three primary sources from the period of Christianization in Europe. Use these sources

to discuss the process of Christianization in Europe during the 4th through the 6th centuries. You

are free to focus on any aspect of these sources you want, but your paper should assess them as a

group, rather than treat each one independently. Some things you may want to consider are the role

of church and secular authorities, the nature of Christianity, changes in belief or practice, or

the intersection of faith and politics.

Your paper should be in your own words and present you own analysis of the primary sources. You can

utilize the textbook or lectures for background information and historical context but no outside

sources should be used. All textual references require proper citations. Under Course Information I

have provided links to resources about citations. You will be submitting your paper through

Turnitin, which is a plagiarism detection program.