Church history

1. Write a 4 page brief research paper on some historical figure, development or movement in the 19th century that demonstrates the increasingly global dimensions of Christianity. You should look for someone who embodies the cross-cultural aspects that were growing, or a movement that crossed cultural or geographical boundaires. These papers must entail use of original sources and demonstrate an ability to engage in critical historical analysis of the figure, development or movement.

2. Write a 7 page final paper that identifies three persons from the last 500 years with whom you would like to have had a chance to bring together around a common theme or topic for an interview or a conversation. They may not all be from the 20th century. Briefly state what the common theme or topic of the conversation is going to be, and why you would find each of the three people you have chosen to be an instructive or compelling conversation partner. You are then to bring them into some kind of constructive and imaginary conversation.