Circumcition for women


For our next writing assignment, you must select the moral dilemma that you will be analyzing for your final term paper. This dilemma can either be of personal importance to you simply a topic that intrigues you. You will also select one objective ethical theory that we’ve discussed to analyze this dilemma. If you have any questions about selecting an appropriate topic, please contact me.

For the Reasons: For & Against assignment, you must:

1) Identify three reasons in favor of one side of the dilemma and three reasons opposed (six total)

2) Each reason should include as much outside research as you need to effectively make your point

3) Each reason should also include elements of the ethical theory you’ve chosen to apply. For instance, if you are analyzing the death penalty through the lens of Kant’s deontology, each reason you provide should either refer back to the categorical imperative and/or include elements central to Kant’s theory, e.g. autonomy, dignity, the instrumental vs. inherent value of human life, etc.. You may find this difficult with some , so I encourage you to begin this process early as possible because it can become quite difficult if you wait until the night before it is due.

4) Each reason should be unique and about a paragraph or two in length, enough to effectively communicate your reasons to the audience.

5) Each reason must also mention towards the end at least one challenge, consideration or question you’ll probably have to think about as a possible objection. You do not need to answer the objections yet, just explain them in a sentence or two.