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Class Conversation

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Using examples from other students’ posts from at least three different threads (I do not mean take 3 examples from 1 thread; I do mean take 1 example from 3 different threads), and using those students as the sources for your reply (in essence, you’re using your colleagues as support for your assertion, rather than what you’ve been doing this semester of using an author of an article for your assertion) what do you see as a unifying idea throughout the assigned readings?
As usual, an image is original image is necessarily part of this assignment; you may use previous images of Class Conversations, or Class Notes, but note that if you do, that image needs in some way to be re-imagined to support your assertion.

Jacob Bucks

I believe the article “Who Deserves What” by Michael Sanders is probably one of the most relevant articles I have had to do with my topic. I am currently questioning the fairness of our society and gender socialization. But to do this I have to question what is the point of our society as a whole. Is it meant to illustrate the majority’s opinion, which is that men should have more power, or should it protect the minority, that all genders should have an equal opportunity. It was interesting to read this article because it gave me a perspective I had not thought of before. Let’s say there is a fire and the whole fire fighting force were women, if they had to save these physically bigger men could they? I am a big person, and if I was caught in a fire I would hope a firefighter could carry my unconscious body out of that fire. But this is where people get messed up with the true meaning of a firefighter, they expect this physically strong man to get you out of there, which is normally the case; to be a firefighter you are required to be physically strong. But instead of thinking it as a big man why can’t we think of it as a strong women. We have casted these jobs to specific genders because we always think that the opposite gender automatically cannot fulfil the duty of the job. The line “to understand nature, and our place in it, we must grasp its purpose, its essential meaning”(sanders), it also applies jobs in our community such as fire fighters. If a women can compete with a man’s physical capabilities they should be allowed on the force to fight fires. Telos is definitely going to help me point out what is fair and what is not in our society to try and argue how gender socialization is fair or not.
Sandel, Michael. “Who Deserves What?/Aristotle; From Justice: What’s the right Thing to Do?.” Focused Inquiry True Stories; Narrative & Understanding. Department of Focused Inquiry, University College, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2015. Hayden-McNeil. 295-297. Print.

There were many points that Wade August made in “You did not build this city” and his follow up that I agreed with, but from the look of the comments and a little bit of my own knowledge of Richmond/American history a lot of his opinions seemed to lack support. The article is a very one sided piece –I hate one sided things most of the time– so reading was hard for me. Wade lacked solid concrete details, most of the time he let his heart get ahold of his piece and made it almost personal, and I believe that’s what he meant to do, but that’s not the way to convince people about a small problem like this. He started almost pointing fingers and sounding matter of factly. I agree that slavery was one of the most horrid things this countries has performed and I agree that without slavery Richmond would be nothing today without it. But when he said ” The achievements of black people in America, both modern day and enslaved, are routinely forgotten, especially by whites, as a matter of convenient ignorance.”(You did not build this city) that irked me. Who is he to tell me what I forget, he is making a broad assumption. I think what Wade did wrong is that he made this issue way too personal and started pointing fingers without support.
SOmething I can draw away from this to help me with my own research topic is that we need to educate children about social gender issues and also ethnic issues. It is wrong for Wade to assume that the majority of white people forget about the horrid things black people went through, but it also true to some degree. A lot of white kids don’t go to a high school where the majority of students are not white so they have no idea most of the time, but I did go to a high school like that and I believe I have a pretty decent understanding about what black people have had to go through. So educating and diversifying is something I took away from these two pieces.
Reading some of the comments also irked me–this whole thing kind of rubbed me the wrong way honestly. Some people were just flattening disagreeing because Wade’s assumptions offended them. Now some other people do more research and actually supported their commentary with details and facts. Wade did an alright job with his details but when you mix assumptions with details they almost become subjective. What I have learned from reading all of this is that if one does not do research and logically think about what they are writing it will come across as almost ignorant


Both Scott McCloud and Peter Goin have it right, art is a growing creature. Art has never been stationary and because of its unstoppable growth there are countless types of art forms. It is why we perceive photography today mostly as art. It continues to broaden especially with today’s new technologies and how our society changes in itself. What they realized is that almost anything can be considered art in one way or another, because art is an expression of anything and the technology that grows parallel with art allows art to continue to grow. They both believe that art also serves a bigger purpose in the fact that it allows people to decipher what the art/image means. So the information that art is growing, one can see that art helps illustrate information and expression. When I start researching I will have to keep an open eye on the matter because I could utilize the new types of art to help concrete my research and give a better example.