Classroom environment

1. Address students’ disrespect, use of cellphones in class, and disturb of other students and the professor in classroom. 2. How can the instructor manage those issues and the classroom environment in a way that would positively contribute to learning and proactively respond to student misconduct? 3. Discuss some of the psychophysiological aspects of stress. Which evidence-based stress management interventions do you apply to clinical practice? How effective are they? 4. What resources do you use to determine safety and effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine? 5. Identify ineffective teaching—learning strategies in situations of misconduct and disrespect and discuss effective strategies the instructor could implement instead to avoid learning difficulties and promote critical thinking and active learning. 6. Incivility and bullying occur in the classroom as well as the clinical environment in a number of ways: o Student to student o Student to faculty o Faculty to faculty o Faculty to student 7. Incivility and bullying not only affect the well-being of the people involved, but it also puts patient safety at risk. Post your thoughts on some of the causes of incivility and bullying in the classroom and clinical environments and suggest approaches that can be used to avoid this type of behavior.