Claude Monet





Write scholarly paper that considers art and another discipline such as social history, biography, symbolism, literature, science or music.
Art and Social History. Investigate how artworks by an artist illustrate a particular historical event or era. The paper could consider political influences or economic issues, gender issues,
poverty or environmental issues.
Art and Biography. How have events in an artist’s personal or professional life influenced his/her art? Investigate how a particular event or relationship with another artist has affected an
artist’s work. Examples of famous couples: Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Jackson Pollock and Lee Krastner.
Art and Symbolism. Investigate the symbolism in an artist’s work. What do specific symbols communicate to the people of the artist’s time period? What do the same symbols communicate to the 21st
century audience? Example: Basquiat.
Art and Literature. Look at the work of an artist and investigate its relationship to a literary work or mythological story. How is the work inspired by literature or other stories?
Art and Music. Look at the work of a fine artist whose artworks are inspired by music. Investigate the relationships between the visual and the musical.
Art and Film. Look at the work of a fine artist whose life and work have inspired a film. Investigate the relationships between the portrayal of the artist and biographical information.