Climate Analysis-18th Century North America (New York-New Jersey Campaign 1776-1777)


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Investigate climate in the eighteenth century – specifically, during the era of the Revolutionary War (1770-1790). Was it unusually cold, or was Washington just unprepared (and without
central heat)? How did people think about climate and weather? How did they respond and adapt? What can this tell us about climate and climate change today?
draw upon at least five scholarly sources (books or articles). Use the library catalogue and the database America History and Life.
explain your research process, question, and rationale; discuss the nature of your sources; reflect on any particular challenges;
speak to the historical significance of your findings; – comment on any relevance to larger discussions of climate in American history
How did weather effect the New York-New Jersey Campaign (1776-1777)? (specifically looking at the Battle of Trenton, Battle of Long Island, one or 2 other battles) ?