Climate Change

Climate Change

The post has three asighnments

1:whats the problem with climate change

2:web analysis

(1) analyze the market of the selected business and (2) evaluate the website of selected business.A company of your Choice

Business Profile (1 slide):

Name, Location
Number of employees
Goods and services offered
Age of the company
Social media such as Google+, YouTube, Blog, Twitter, Facebook etc.
Company presence and sales via online and offline channels

Market Analysis (2 slides):

Current and potential customers
Current and potential competitors
Market position/unique selling points of the goods/services offered
Website analysis (3 slides):

How does the business use the current website? (e.g., sales, customer service, email subscription, etc.)
Analyze the website based on the three criteria we learned in class
What are the sources of website traffic? How can the website further improve traffic?
What’s the business’s strategies to improve conversions? How can the website improve conversions?
What’s the business’s strategies to generate revenue? How can the website improve revenue?
Website design audit (3 slides):

Analyze the website based on the design principles we learned in class.
Assess the quality of the web design of one selected landing pages (e.g., home page, lead generation page) according to 1) usability and 2) segments.
Identify specific areas for improvement and propose your suggestions.
Propose at least one A/B tests to improve the website design.

3:Write a brief summary and impression of Book II of Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics.

1- a short quotation from the reading that you consider important.