Climate of Accountability and School Proficiency Reforms in the USA

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Within the last ten years, public education has encountered several sweeping reforms such as Every Student Succeeds Act – ESEA 2015, No Child Left Behind of 2001, Pennsylvania’s Act 1 of 2006, The Pennsylvania Costing Out Study of 2007, Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS), Pennsylvania Teacher Information System (TIMS), Pennsylvania’s former Governor Rendell’s commentary regarding school district consolidation, New Jersey’s Governor Christie’s commentary on holding the line on taxes and school funding, Pennsylvania’s Governor Corbett’s position on student proficiency and teacher evaluations, PA Senate Bill 1 of 2011 (not adopted) regarding charter/cyber and private school funding, and other related public school funding issues such as the lack of passing a timely state budget. Write a 8 – 10 page critical analysis regarding the politics of school funding in special consideration of the currently growing era of accountability and demand for student proficiency.