clinical problem

Identify clinical problem at current or previous employer for which an evidence-based solution can be used

Problem statement

1) Problem/clinical issues to be solved in PICOT format
2) Give support for why this is an issue

Data sources

1) What data would you look to support the problem (ie eg. if UTI would you track + cultures?; would you look at where cultures happening? Would you look at patient demographics (ie are your rates high overall or just women? Pediatrics? ICU? Which department, be specific)
2) Where would you find this data? (eg. lab values etc)


1) Who would you benchmark against? What are the key factors for match and why?
2) What data would indicate the intervention proposed worked?

How will nurses be involved in solution?

1) Which nurses involved (think of all – would there be project lead, would direct care nurses be involved, would the nurse educators be involved?)
2) How would you keep them all updated?