Cloud computing and application security


Three- to five-page research papers each addressing a topic in information
security in more depth than it may covered in the course. The three pages should be content and do
not include cover page, bibliography, charts, diagrams, figures, appendices or other included
materials. Topics should be of particular interest to you and may be more technical in nature than the
course, but should relate to the management of information security. Papers must have a complete
bibliography citing a minimum of five sources other than the textbook or class notes. You must fully
attribute all material directly quoted and you must document all sources used in the preparation of the
paper using complete, APA-style bibliographic entries, and all in-text citations must also be in APA
style. Failure to format your bibliography entries and citations in APA style will result in an automatic
reduction of one letter grade for this assignment. No more than thirty-three percent of material
included in any paper may be direct quotes. No more than sixty percent of the resources cited may be
from online. However, online ebooks that have a corresponding print version and PDF or EPUB files
located online count as—and should be cited as—print sources. Wikipedia may not be cited.