Code of Conduct/PR contrasted with advertising and marketing

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Part one: You are head of public relations for Athena House Software. A journalist you know and like invites you out for a meal. In the restaurant, the journalist asks you if the rumours that your chief executive is being treated for alcoholism are true. The rumours are true. The chief executive began drinking heavily after the death of a close family member but is now receiving treatment for the problem. If news of this is published, Athena House’s share price will fall and funds will not be available for research into new products. You have three possible responses: 1) Refuse to talk about the issue 2) Say the rumours are not true 3) Tell the journalist the rumours are true but, because the chief executive’s excessive drinking was brought on by a family tragedy, ask the journalist to show compassion and not put the information in the media. Analyse each of these choices in the context of the IPR Code of Conduct Part two: Take each element of the code of conduct in turn and analyse what it means in a practical situation. That is, describe a scenario where it would apply and use point-example-comment. [The points are the elements in the code of conduct] Question 2 (This is not related to the code of conduct): Evaluate the difference between marketing and PR and advertising and PR.