Code of Conduct

Mgt Global Ethics Post Project Ethical business conduct is at the heart of every activity in which a global business engages. Businesses that do not act ethically risk damage to their reputation, legal sanctions and distrust within manager and employee ranks. In this Post Project, you will create a training program relating to ethical conduct required of all employees in all ranks within a company doing business in a country holding cultural values different than those in the firm’s home country. • A 250-word Code of Conduct for members of the firm working in a foreign country Activity Details Perform the following steps: Step 1: Read the scenario. Dalton Manufacturing, a publicly traded corporation that manufactures parts for the automotive industry, has recently opened a factory and distribution center in a Far East nation. Dalton Manufacturing is aware that there are significant cultural differences between business operations in the new location and the way in which it conducts business in the United States. To avoid any ethical issues in its new facility, Dalton Manufacturing has asked you to prepare a Code of Conduct for its Far East operation and to provide a brief training session for managers and employees who will be moving to the new location. Step 2: Perform research. Using the Internet, locate a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct for any company engaged in global business. Step 3: Develop a Code of Conduct. Using the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct you located, modify them to address the following differences in the foreign country’s culture and the culture within the United States regarding the following: • The Far East country has a culture in which senior management members are viewed as father figures. Employees expect that the managers and executives care about them as individuals, are receptive to discussing personal issues and are actively encouraged to discuss these issues, unlike in the United States, where there is a separation between “work life” and “home life.” • The Far East country also has a culture in which gift-giving to suppliers is expected. Dalton Manufacturing has a strict policy against giving any gifts to suppliers. • Additionally, the Far East country has a very strong culture based on a single religion. Your Code of Ethics must provide specific direction regarding permissible and impermissible conduct as to each of these three cultural aspects. It is not necessary to include other information in the Code of Conduct you located; just provide an additional 250 words addressing these specific aspects of local culture and ethics. Many of the managers and employees who will be transferred to