Cognarive and behavioral therapy for physically abused kids in low income areas.

Cognarive and behavioral therapy for physically abused kids in low income areas.

Literature Review Assignment (2 pages)
MPH Capstone

There are a number of ways to organize a Review of Literature (ROL).  For this assignment, each student in the project group will select five items from the literature on the group’s topic of interest and organize them on the literature review template. Group members must communicate with each other so that no more than one or two sources are duplicated in each matrix.

In advance of researching the literature, you should have considered the following questions:

•    How would you describe the population of interest?  Age, gender, race, geographical location? Other important characteristics?
•    What is the specific problem or issue?
•    What are the best practices with regard to addressing this issue? What is currently being done?
•    What are the most specific population level outcomes?
•    What possibilities exist for innovation (i.e. adapting evidence-based interventions for new populations)?

Source/Year    Purpose    Sample    Design    Variables/ Instruments    Results    Implications for this Proposal

Once your template is complete, each student will answer the following 3 questions (a paragraph for each should be sufficient):

Question 1: How would you rank the quality of evidence for each of your five articles? Where do you see potential for bias?

Question 2: Did you find any outcomes that opposed your expectations or the expectations of the researchers? How might this information change your thinking about your proposed intervention? If not, what did you find that was surprising and or challenged your assumptions?

Question 3: Did you include qualitative research in your review? If so, was there a clear statement of the aims of the research and did it seek to illuminate subjective experiences/actions of participants? Was the research design appropriate to address those aims (Questions adapted from Canadian National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools NCCMT 2010)?