Cognitive Dissonance

Today’s young females and males receive a heavy dose of messaging about what they are expected ‘to be’ and ‘look like’ from the media, specifically social media. Many consume a large amount of information on different social media sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, and so on! Chapter 3 talks about masculine speech, which “seeks to accomplish concrete goals, exert control, preserve independent, entertain, and enhance status.” When using masculine speech, conversations are often sent as an arena for proving oneself and negotiating prestige. Feminine speech which includes “people socialized in feminine speech communities — most women and some men — tend to regard communication as a primary way to establish and maintain relationships with others.” First, consider the two videos as a collective commentary on feminist. Second, consider the two definitions above – What are your observations? What does it say to you about feminism? As a critical concept do you feel women view themselves differently then
what is being promoted/encouraged in the TEDx talk AND the Beyonce video? Why or why not? Explain this in a paragraph or two. What cognitive dissonance did you experience as you viewed the videos, particularly the music video? This is your time to play the devil’s advocate and write about why you feel it’s counterproductive.