College Admission

The following post has three assignments namely;

1. College Admission

Strong educational leadership for tomorrow’s schools requires an understanding and application of three main concepts: Collaboration to develop and maintain student academic success; Clear
development and maintenance of organizational systems; Unrelenting focus on social justice and equity. What are the principles that inform your views on educational opportunity as it relates to the
above three concepts? How do your experiences and life’s lessons inform these beliefs?

2. West Jet and Air Canada.

Download recent article that would interest to either “investors” or “creditors”
What is the article about?
What info about the company is included in the article
Identify any accounting-related issues
How would this impact the decisions faced they by either investor or creditor.

3.Post-apocalyptic and Dystopian literature

1.) How have your understanding and definition of both post-apocalyptic and Dystopian literature changed, evolved, or been reinforced through the literature you’ve studied in this class?

2.) How have the post-apocalyptic and Dystopian literature read in this course shaped your understanding of what it means to be human?