College Students


Mini Assignment: Entitled College Students?


recent years, news outlets have published articles about and conducted interviews with ″millennials″ who are either entering college or about to enter college. These
newsworthy items don′t always portray incoming college students in the most complimentary light. For this assignment, you will have to do a little research on the
following individuals (trust me, google will pull up more than enough sources): A. Rachel Canning B. Suzy Lee Weiss C. Siobhan O′Dell After you have an idea who these
three ladies are, write a reflection based on the following: 1) Briefly describe who each individual is and why they made national headlines. Also include where they
are now, if you can find it. 2) Were they justified in what they did? Why or why not? Would you consider taking similar action or have you? Why or why not? 3) What if
one of them happened to attend New Student Orientation (NSO) this year? How would you react? How do you think others would react? 4) What do you make of the impact of
social media posting and Harvardʻs recent decision to rescind admissions offers? See here for more detail:
Should schools be able to use social media in order to uphold or change their decisions? Similarly, what about when this happens in the job market?