Colorectal Cancer. Increasing Awareness and Colorectal Cancer Screenings




Description of the Issue or Problem


Integrate at least 5-6 scholarly articles” to support your description of the following:



What is wrong with the current situation, including the underlying issues, the nature of the problem itself, and the context in which the problem
is occurring?


Past Interventions: What has been done to address the problem? In what ways have previous interventions worked and not worked?


Consequences: What is the risk or cost associated with not addressing the problem


(Stakeholders may include patients [such as elderly living alone, children experiencing loss of parent, adults experiencing PTSD], families, communities,
nurses, members of the inter-professional team, educators, senior administrators, the healthcare organization, or other special interest groups-)

0 Most-Affected Groups or Populations: Describe who or what population(s) is most affected by the problem, and in what ways are they impacted?

o Other Affected Groups: What other interest groups or stakeholders may be indirectly impacted?

Nurse Role and Responsibility

0 Role: What is the professional role of the nurse for addressing the problem?

0 Responsibility: What social, legal, and/or ethical considerations support the professional nurse’s responsibility and involvement in creating a solution?