Common barriers and challenges to communication;

The HR director of Sport Love; an independent London based sports and leisure centre business is concerned about poor communication amongst its staff. She feels that ineffective communication is causing inefficiency and having a negative impact on customer experience. Customers are not renewing their memberships and complain that staff don’t seem to care. The business is staffed 18-hours per day; across three shifts. The staff and management are multi-national with English not necessarily being their first language. Staff tends to come to work and do their jobs but have little contact with management. They rarely get any feedback on their performance partly because staff meetings are infrequent and always held at 7.00 am. The HR manager has asked you to prepare some guidance on communication to be included in the staff handbook. This should be engaging, easy to read and include headings to assist the reader. TASK Prepare a maximum of 8 slides and slide notes to support a 15 minute presentation to be delivered by the HR director to the staff of Sport Love. Your staff handbook guidance should: 1. Identify common barriers and challenges to communication; 2. Suggest some strategies to overcome barriers to communication; 3. Provide some insights into the ways in which culture influences communication. This assessment requires you to address the following learning outcomes: LO2 – Identify common challenges and barriers to effective communication; LO3 – Devise and develop strategies for overcoming communication barriers; LO6 – Demonstrate awareness of cultural influences on communication and negotiation. Marks will be awarded for achieving the learning out comes. Feedback will be provided on your performance against each learning outcome.