Instructions: thinking about the mentioned subjects…(1)Write 3 full pages (double spaced) on the following prompt:A. . Demonstrate how to establish and maintain relationships through the use of interpersonal communication. Apply the principles of human communication including Chapter 3 and 4 on verbal communication and nonverbal communication. Analyze the relationship issue/communication problem and propose appropriate and ethical solutions based on personal experience . Tip: Think about your own relationships at work, at home, with family/relatives, with friends. Feel free to add in your own personal experiences or those of someone you know as examples to make your paper more credible. You do not have to use any names…just the situations. Please make sure all written format for these papers follow introduction (For example: attention getter/why this is important–ask three questions or start with three did you knows then tell the audience what you are going to talk about,) body of the paper( tell them), and the conclusion of the paper ( tell them what you told them). Make sure the pages are FULL pages and not 4 lines used for date, name, class or professor’s name on the pages. (2) Analyze (Think about the concepts on chapter 3 and 4, evaluate your position and formulate two-three solutions to the problems you have encountered.)