communication skills 1

communication skills 1

Paper details:

Paragraph Assignment Assessment Details (Semester 3, 2015)
Marks: 20
Weighting: 20%
Due Date: Week 11 (Beginning of Class)
Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes 1 through to 5 will be assessed
Topic: Working on your own, you are required to write a position statement and three (3) academic body paragraphs on the following topic:

Technology plays an important role in the life of today’s college students. However, there are concerns about whether this technology should extend into the classroom. Argue whether this technology should be allowed, considering the advantages and disadvantages it provides.

Details • Use FOUR academic journal articles including the required reading using Proquest only. NO websites will be accepted. You MUST use the required reading
• Submit your essay using the APA 6th edition referencing style
• Show your knowledge of the topic area as discussed in the literature using ONE (1) (only) direct quotation and all other evidence written as paraphrases
• You are required to write three (3) academic essay body paragraphs ONLY
• You must complete the position statement & state the three controlling points you will argue in your body paragraphs.

Note: Assignments will be marked on Turnitin Grademark which means you are NOT required to give your teacher a paper copy.

Use Turnitin to help make improvements to your essay QIBT uses Turnitin to check the originality of your essay. Turnitin finds material that is plagiarised from a range of sources such as other student’s essay, the internet, databases and LibrarySearch.

Before the final submission: Use Turnitin to check the originality of your essay and to allow yourself time to make improvements where necessary (paraphrasing in particular)

Assignment Format Criteria
Paragraph Assignment
Checklist ? QIBT Coversheet, all the required details filled in and document signed
? Paragraph Assignment and reference list submitted to Turnitin
? Turnitin Report showing plagiarism percentage (if not submitted to Turnitin a grade of zero (0) will be awarded).