Community Assessment and Diagnosis

Community Assessment and Diagnosis

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Assignment 2: Community Assessment and Diagnosis | Value 20%

Due Date: Negotiable, however, it is recommended that you work through Section I and Section II, Unit 5 and the nursing diagnosis activities in Unit 6 prior to
completing work on this assignment.


The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to conduct a partial community assessment, and to diagnose areas of need for health
promotion related to an identified aggregate.

Choose one of the following to complete this assignment:

Using The Population Health Promotion model, select 3 determinants of health and complete an assessment in relation to your identified aggregate.


Using the Community-as-Partner model, select 3 segments from the community assessment wheel and complete an assessment in relation to your identified aggregate.

Marking Criteria

The aggregate is clearly identified.
Assessment data related to the model chosen and the identified aggregate is clearly recorded. (May be point form and appended)
Demographic and epidemiologic data is included where appropriate.
Assessment methods utilized or suggestions as to which methods of assessment would be utilized are discussed.
Synthesis and analysis of the data is succinct, with data gaps clearly identified.
Community diagnosis is clearly written in relation to the analysis of the data.
The process utilized or suggestions to include the aggregate in both the data collection and community diagnosis process are discussed.
APA (6th. ed.) scholarly format – limit of 10 pages (excluding title and reference pages).