Community Health Care Resources

Community Health Care Resources

Develop a 3-4-page educational plan to help improve the health and welfare needs of
a vUnerabIe population in your community- In you plan, include the demographics of
your community and the health care needs of the selected vulnerable population.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (2010) has changed the focus of
community health care to disease prevention- Now persons who would otherwise not
seek health care services can access safe, quality, continuity of care. Many from this
population are identified as at-risk They have a strong need to become more educated
about their illnesses and learn how to prevent disease progression- The key is
promoting health and wellness-

0 Preparation

0 Read the scenario below.

0 Reflect on your community and review the literature to obtain recent demographic
information regarding population, age, gender, socio-economic status, education,
ethnic distribution, types of diseases, and morbidity and mortality rates.

0 Once you have gathered this data you shodd be able to determine what the greatest
health care needs are in your community and select an at-risk population that could
benefit from a health education program.

0 Search the Capella library and the lntemet for scholarly and professional peer-
reviewed articles on your selected health issue. Examining the nursing literature will
help to identify how to approach the health concern that should be addressed within
the selected population. You will need at least four articles to use as support for your
lesson plan.


The Patient Outreach department where you work has asked you to create aneducation plan for an at-risk population that is underserved in your community-

As an active member of your community you are aware of several health disparities
among the population; some members have difficulty accessing care, others have little
knowledge of their chronic disease process, and often cultural issues influence medical

Patient Outreach would like you to select a group and create a lesson plan that will
help educate them and help them better understand how to manage or prevent illness
or disease. Consider characteristics of culture, ethnicity, and social background that
might affect the target group-

The population you choose could be a subset such as the elderly, an ethnic minority, a
lower socio-economic group, or one that you have identified from your own
observations- Some examples might be producing a lesson plan on how to manage
diabetes or how to decrease the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases-

Create a lesson plan for your selected population- Be sure you identify the population
your lesson is meant for. As you develop your lesson plan, keep in mind the
comprehension level of your target audience and the information you want them to
take away- Include the following:

0 Explain why a specific population in your community qualifies as at-risk

0 Recommend evidence-based strategies to improve health outcomes for this at-risk

0 Describe health care resources that serve this vulnerable population-

0 Explain appropriate nursing interventions that will provide quality care to this
vulnerable population-0 Explain appropriate nursing interventions that will provide quality care to this
vulnerable population.

0 Create strategies to support plan implementation, addressing characteristics of
culture, ethnicity, and social background that could affect the plan.

Additional Requirements

0 Write between 1000 and 1250 words (4-5 pages)-

0 Include a title page and reference page.

0 Provide adequate documentation of ideas and appropriate APA citations of relevant

0 Use a minimum of 4 references. (These must be recent, from within the past five

0 Double space, and use Times New Roman font, 12 point.