Community Health Clinical (Nursing school clinical rotation)

Describe the nursing situation you encountered this week

Describe your relationship with the patient at the time you noticed the situation (e.g., previous contact with the patient, the quality of the relationship).

Consider experiences you have had that helped you provide nursing care in this situation. Describe your previous nursing experience with a similar problem, and/or personal experiences that helped guide you as you worked with the patient.

Describe your beliefs about your role as a nursing working on the situation.

Describe any emotions you had about the situation.

What did you notice about the situation initially?

Describe what you noticed as you spent more time with the patient.

Describe what you thought about the situation (e.g. its causes, potential resolutions, patterns you noticed).

Describe any similar situations you have encountered in practice before.
Describe any similarities and differences you observed when compared with the current situation.

What other information (e.g. assessment data, evidence) did you decide you needed as you considered the situation? How did you obtain this information? What help with problem solving did you get from your preceptor?

What did your observations and data interpretation lead you to believe? How did they support your response to the situation?

After considering the situation, what was your goal for the patient, family and/or staff?

What was your nursing response, or what interventions did you do?

Describe stresses you experienced as you responded to the patient or others involved in the situation.

How did the patient respond