Community Outreach Plans Analyses

Read Community Outreach Plan 1 carefully. Then: Analyse and discuss the community serviced by this library. [i.e., What are the key demographics and other elements of the community? What do these elements and data infer in terms of information needs? What services would help meet these needs?] Consider how justified the program is in the plan. [i.e., Can you tell why the selected community group was chosen for the outreach program? Do the elements and data support this decision? Why or why not?] .

Part B Read Community Outreach Plan 2 carefully. Then: Analyse and discuss this plan in terms of the appropriateness of its aims, its intended outcomes, budgetary considerations, supplementary materials, collaborations, and so forth. Analyse and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the program. This should also include discussion of challenges and suggestions for possible improvements. (approximately 1000 words). Part C Read Community Outreach Plan 3 carefully. Then: Analyse and discuss this plan in terms of how it would transfer for use in an Indigenous community. This discussion needs to include answers as to why or why not .Discuss how you might work with an Indigenous community to plan, deliver and evaluate such a program.