There are three components to this assignment. Each student will:
1. a) Complete weekly learning activities (up to 2 marks each):
o • Technology goals and log of skills acquired (throughout semester, starting in week 1)
o • Introduction to Universal Design online module
o • National Relay Service quiz
o • AT selection exercise
o • Tech goals reflection and training others
2. b) Complete an access audit as described below (up to 12 marks).
3. c) Write an access report and recommendations for the site managers (upto20 marks).
4. d) Write an evaluation plan for a CRB project (up to 18 marks).
Access audit
1. Audit the accessibility of a public site in your community using the Access Audit Form. Instructions for its use will be provided in class.
Note that you must identify a suitable site and discuss this with the course examiner first, and then contact the site owners/managers to seek permission and schedule a suitable time to conduct the audit.
Audits should: Please do this section first before anything else to give you a clear way to continue: (500 words)
• • Clearly identify the name and address of the site (and preferably provide a URL with public information about the site).
• • Assess the following design elements:
o – 1 x parking bay and parking location
o – 1 x entrance to the site
o – 1 x path of travel within the site with a lift/ramp/door
o – 1 x toilet cubicle
o – 2 x service or automatic counters (e.g. ticket dispenser, telephones, seating, water fountain)
If any of the above design elements are not present at the site (or not available for auditing), this should be stated. You should find the closest public facility that has the design elements, and audit these instead.
HSW3220 Assignment 2, 2018 (60%)
• • Use measurements and notes to justify ratings, and describe access issues in relation to this site.
• • Not exceed 6 A4 pages, retaining margins of 2cm on all sides, and the same font size and line spacing on the form. You may remove the rating key under each of the tables.
Access report
Write a brief report (no more than 1000 words) for the managers of the site you audited. Consider the audience and your relationship with them when structuring your report.
Start with the following tips to structure your thinking:
• • Justify selection of the site for an access audit.
• • Identify and explain populations accessing the site and populations at risk of being excluded or marginalised.
• • Summarise the scope and key findings from the access audit, including implications for the community.
• • Consider access and inclusion beyond physical accessibility, to the other dimensions of the environment and specific tasks or activities at the site.
• • Provide up to three recommendations for improving accessibility at the site.
Evaluation plan
1. Complete Module 2 (Management) of the INCLUDE CBR learning community.
2. Writeanevaluationplan(nomorethan1000words) foraCBRproject.Consider the audience and your relationship with them when structuring your report. You should also apply your new skills in document formatting to make the document accessible.
3. Yourreportshoulddescribe:
o • The focus of evaluation.
o • Data collection and analysis methods.
o • Strategies for sharing findings and taking actions.
o • Who is involved in the various activities and when they should occur.