Company Research and Analysis : TOYOTA

Company Research and Analysis : TOYOTA
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Bachelor in Business Administration

Essay : Company Research and Analysis : TOYOTA

[200 WORDS]
1) Brief Introduction of Toyota, the present position and background of the company.
[300 WORDS]
2) Briefly describe Toyota presence in at least 10 countries either by its own name (franchising) or by means of controlled subsidiaries (strategic alliances, joint venture, partnership, foreign direct investment). Give examples of Toyota foreign investment.
[700 WORDS]
3) Describe and illustrate 2 types of international entry strategy being followed by Toyota in any of its strategically important markets.
– Explanation should include how and why Toyota entered that foreign market, the factors for expansion, what Toyota seeks in that foreign country.
– Consideration of illustration should also include (the stages model)cultural risk, political risk, currency risk and commercial risk.
– explain the motivations for entry into collaborative ventures (if any) and the attributes that Toyota considers when looking for a suitable joint venture partners in the host country.
[600 WORDS]
4) Assume that Toyota is in the process of staffing a subsidiary in an ‘Asian’ country. What type of staffing strategy do you expect it would deploy in order to fill that position? Why would it consider using expatriate managers? Local managers? Third-country managers? Give examples relating to Toyota
– Consideration should be given to staffing strategy such as culture, recruiting, motivating , training.
– Toyota approaches to staffing policy. Is it a matter of policy or choice and the pros and cons.
[600 WORDS]
5) What universal selection criteria do you think Toyota would use to determine the most important in choosing people for an overseas assignment?
Identify and describe the four selection criteria that you judge to be of most universal importance, defend your choice and provide reasons why you would expect your chosen company to agree or disagree with you.
– Challenges that Toyota faces about International Human Resource Management.

[500 WORDS]
6) In general, why do expatriates return home earlier than was originally planned for their international posting? What can multinational corporations do to prevent this from happening? Identify and discuss three steps MNCs can take and consider if there is any evidence available to you to implicate whether Toyota deploys any of those steps.
[150 WORDS]
7) Conclusion
– Harvard Refencing Only (be sure to cite specific parts of your sources for that evidence)

– Research from journals and literatures

– Marks will be given base on :
• logical coherence of discussion
• extent of evidence presented in support of your opinion
• evidence of extensive research on the selected company
• structure/organisation of content
• conciseness and clarity