Comparative Political Economy

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Comparative Political Economy

What is Comparative Political Economy? How does it differ from related fields such as Economics and International Political Economy?

2.Chairman Mao on comtemporary art.

Write an essay paper on how Chairman Mao became a culture icon in
comtemporary art.

3.Health Promotion with Self Breast Exams

1. Choose a topic and feel free to think outside the box!! You may choose any behavior therapy, alternative medicine tip, supplement, diet, behavior etc,that is evidence based!! 10 points 2.
Statement of effectiveness (3 paragraph minimum). Describe, using an Evidence Based Reference, how your topic improves the health of your patient population. 10 points 3. Describe a Preventative
program using your topic and how you will implement it into your Primary Care Practice. Be Specific. 10 points 4. List Barriers to your Health Promotion Program being successful and way to overcome
those barriers 10 points