Comparative politics

Choose a topic that is within the domain of comparative politics. Discussion with your instructor is highly recommended. 2ndStep: Compile a list of 10 academic sourcesrelated to your topic. An academic source is either a peer-reviewed book or a peer-reviewed journal article.One way to decide whether an article is in the scope of your topic is to read the abstract of the article. This will save you from reading an entire article and then deciding if it belongs withinyour selected topic. 3rdStep: Read each source thoroughly. Create an annotated bibliography for each source. You have to do thisfor all 10 sources. Below isone example. Makesure you follow a similar style. That is, start with the citation and then follow up with the annotation. Each annotation should be approximately a paragraph. Each annotation should critically assess the reference. You can start with a brief (1-2 sentence) summary and then describe the importance of the paper, where it falls within the scope of the topic, and what are the implications of this work (4-6 sentences).