Comparative State Constitutions

Compare the rights enumerated in the Arizona and New Mexico constitutions. In what
ways do the rights differ and how are they similar? Which of these rights provided for in
the Arizona and New Mexico constitutions is not enumerated in the federal constitution?
2. Compare the Arizona and New Mexico legislatures in terms of representation (How many
representatives in total and how many representatives and senators per district);
Describe the type of districting that Arizona has and the effect it produces in terms of
party politics. Do the two states employ term limits? If so, what are they? When do the
legislatures of Arizona and New Mexico meet?
POS 2112: Assignment-Project I
3. Compare the executive, gubernatorial, powers of Arizona and New Mexico. What is the
length of the gubernatorial term in Arizona and New Mexico? Do Arizona and New Mexico
impose term limits on their governors?
4. How does the democratic process differ between Arizona and New Mexico in terms of
initiatives and referendums? What makes Arizona unique among the fifty states in the
United States in terms of democratic process?
5. What does the Arizona Constitution have to say about English as an official language?
What is the compelling interest of the state in providing English as an official language in
the state constitution